Hand Built In USA

Hand Built In USA

We’ve been working on something of late that we’re pretty excited about. We’re ready to build our first small batch of wheels in the USA. We’re starting small so we can keep an eye on all the variables in play, but we do have a limited number of wheelsets to sell.

These wheels will be built by one of five master wheel builders in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

You can purchase the wheels from a special Hand Built in the USA page on our site. There are only a small number of configuration options on offer, and only one or two units of each configuration are available. If you see something you like, and you’re ready to buy, don’t delay - once each option is sold out, it will disappear from the website. 

We’re planning on building more wheels in the USA in coming months - something I’ll go into in more detail in an upcoming blog post. All of our awesome terms (guarantee, warranty, crash replacement) remain the same.

You can check out what’s still available from the first batch here:

Shop Hand Built in the USA Carbon Wheels

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

-James Ferrer

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