Carbon-Strut™ Layup

Carbon-Strut™ Layup

Each EPIC carbon rim is made up of 69 folded layers of aerospace-grade carbon fiber. The strength and lightness of each wheel is determined by how those layers are arranged - the carbon layup. By varying the different shapes, materials, and the orientation of the layers, the properties and performance of the wheel can be altered dramatically.

The new EPIC Wheel Systems feature a unique Carbon-Strut™ layup, that makes them stronger and lighter than other wheels. 

Each rim is specifically made to be a front rim or rear rim (not a generic rim, to be used either front or rear). Because of this we know exactly how many spoke holes will be in each rim, and the exact location of those holes, and can use a different front or rear rim layup.

The front rim is made with lighter carbon, but with the rear rim we focused on strength - to better support the rider's weight and facilitate efficient power transfer.

Connecting each spoke hole to the rim is an extra-strong Carbon-Strut™. This thicker, stiffer piece of carbon reinforces the spoke. In between the Carbon-Struts™, where there is no spoke, the rim is lighter.

Each front rim has 20 Carbon-Struts™, and each rear rim has 24 Carbon-Struts™ - one supporting every spoke. 

This unique method of carbon construction creates a stronger, more durable rim with an average weight savings of 7%.

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