Carbon Magnetic Hubs

Carbon Magnetic Hubs

Every Tokyowheel is now available with two different hub and spoke options.

Standard Hubs and Spokes

We've improved our most popular hub and spoke option by upgrading the VAPOR™ hub to the new VAPOR™ 2 hub. It's a lightweight alloy hub shell, with a 6-pawl ratchet, and smooth rolling durable TPI™ steel cartraidge bearings. If you look closly you'll notice that this is the same hub shell that was previously only offered with the 'Lighter Caramic' Upgrade. That upgraded hub shell is now standard. The VAPOR™ 2 hub is paired with 2.3mm aero bladed spokes with optional Sapim CX-Ray spokes and ceramic bearings. We have thousands of riders all over the world on these hubs, and they are great performers and super durable. 

Pro Hubs and Spokes

The all new CARBON VAPOR™ hub features a 100% carbon-fiber hub shell with a Magnetic Ring Ratchet™ and angular contact bearings. The hub shell is uniquely manufactured alongside your rims.

The Magnetic Ring Ratchet™ is a unique ratchet system made up of two 36-tooth Rings. The ultra-simple design has only one moving part. We've eliminated metal springs in favor of permanent magnets to attract the ratchets together. Superior to metal springs, these magnets do not rust, loose strength, or break. The CARBON VAPOR™ rolls on super long lasting, low-friction, steel angular contact bearings.

The CARBON VAPOR™ hub is paired with Sapim CX-Ray Straight-Pull spokes.  

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